• passion : créer

    Passion is a strong and positive emotion that drives us. Working as part of ROM’s team involves passion for creating new things and constantly implementing improvements.

    Our team work is what makes us unique – both as individuals and as a company.


    Innovation and development

    ROM means progress and innovation. We develop ideas that are unique in the upholstered furniture sector and that are continuously improved. This philosophy is also reflected in the development of our employees. We are constantly learning how to explore new avenues together and we never stop developing. Learning and training are a major priority.

    Uniqueness and individuality

    Our business model is based on fabricating customised upholstered furniture in premium quality. It is our belief that employees with individual skills and strengths complement each other most perfectly in a culture that gives them freedom. Quality needs a stable foundation but premium quality calls for an individual approach. It is on this basis that we support our employees.

    Partnership and customer focus

    We are motivated by success. This means not only financial success, but also the shared pride in what we have achieved. We are close to our customers so that we can be successful together. We provide optimum support for customers when they purchase our products. Our customer focus and the feedback we receive from our partners is one of our major incentives ... and this is also how we work with each other.

  • Dedication beyond borders

    We fabricate customised upholstered furniture at four sites worldwide. Rather than being in competition, the sites have to work together perfectly to ultimately give the customer a unique product. Our colleagues at the various sites are closely linked thanks to advanced IT systems and constant one-on-one contact. Exchanging information at a personal level is a major factor in our success.

    Putting people first

    Creativity, professionalism and humanity are central components of our philosophy. We use flat hierarchies and interdisciplinary teams. Communication channels are direct and efficient. Decisions are implemented quickly. A well-adjusted balance and the enthusiasm to achieve goals with other colleagues inspires us every single day. Our unique culture sets the course for our future.